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A Promise Healthcare Hospital

Welcome to Promise Hospital of Fort Myers

When you or a loved one needs a longer recovery period from the most complex of medical conditions, we are here for you.

Your treatment plan is directed by your physician and provided by an interdisciplinary medical team and staff. Our licensed clinicians, nurses, therapists and staff support your physician's directives 24/7. We include your family as an important part of the recovery process throughout your hospital stay to help manage your present and future healthcare needs.

Our hospital is like any other hospital except our patients require and receive specialized care and extensive therapy over an extended period of time. Patients are admitted, with a physician's referral, from almost any healthcare setting.

Visit our corporate website at and find out what you can expect from a Promise hospital and where our LTAC hospital fits within the healthcare continuum. Learn about the quality of patient care we provide and how we support you or your loved one's healing process.

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Admitting Process

With a physician's referral, we admit patients from almost any setting
within the healthcare continuum, including:

• Physician's offices
• Hospital intensive care units
• Hospital medical and surgical units
• Rehabilitation hospitals
• Skilled nursing facilities
• Assisted living facilities
• Home

Our patients are admitted with respiratory or ventilator-dependent conditions, need advanced wound care treatment, or suffer from other medically complex conditions.

We coordinate a medical evaluation, complete insurance verification/pre-certification and arrange transportation with the goal of admission promptly after the admission call. Our admissions department works closely with a patient's physicians and case managers, as well as the other healthcare providers, to make a patient's transition to our LTAC hospital a smooth process. We accept Medicare, worker's compensation and most insurance plans.


Our Services

Cardiopulmonary Program

Patients who require complex medical and respiratory care, including ventilator weaning, will benefit from the specialized, comprehensive inpatient respiratory care provided by Promise Hospital's Cardiopulmonary Program. This program serves young-adult through elderly patients, with diagnoses such as pneumonia, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, chronic and acute respiratory failure, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Our team of professionals address the specific needs of patients through individualized plans of care. These patient-specific care plans and evidence-based protocols are pulmonologist directed and therapist driven to support faster progression through the recovery process and reach their highest possible level of functioning and independence.


Advanced Wound Care Program

Patients with complex wounds may have associated medical conditions that often necessitate a high level of inpatient care for an extended period of time. Our medical team will treat the wound and underlying conditions that contributed to it, such as uncontrolled diabetes, malnutrition, functional impairments and poor vascularization, to prevent return of the wound.

The wound care team provides comprehensive care and treatments for patients with complex acute and chronic wounds such as:

  • Pressure ulcers in need of debridement and/or surgical closure
  • Surgical wounds requiring advanced wound care interventions
  • Abdominal wounds with enterocutaneous fistulas
  • Diabetic and vascular ulcers with infection including those requiring additional surgery
  • Any wound requiring frequent procedures (i.e. debridements, surgeries, scans, laboratory work)
  • Infected wounds (skin, soft tissue, and/or bone) requiring IV antibiotics
  • Necrotizing fasciitis
  • Wounds requiring offloading with specialty beds, cushions, or equipment
  • Complex ostomy care
  • Wounds requiring lymphedema management


Rehabilitation Services

Promise Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive rehabilitation services despite the lines and tubes that sometimes accompany patients. Taking into account the necessary precautions, we take an aggressive approach to therapy with the belief that physical activity helps the body to recover more quickly from respiratory and medical conditions that impair normal every day function.

We take an interdisciplinary approach by working closely with patients, physicians, nursing, respiratory, pharmacy, case management and patient families to achieve the maximum functional level for each patient. Our success stories are many, as our patients demonstrate improved daily function and some achieve complete independence by the time they leave us.

Personalized goals and treatment plans are formulated with the rehab team in collaboration with the attending physician and physiatrist. Our rehab team consists of dedicated physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists. Each discipline evaluates and designs specific treatment plans for every patient to ensure a successful road to recovery.




At Promise Healthcare we make "people" a priority. Our people-oriented corporate vision, resources,
responsiveness, and mentoring initiatives greatly enhances our more than 2,000+ employees with
the ability to best serve all our constituencies.

Because we understand and appreciate the significant value of our employees and the important roles
each of our staff members play in delivering the finest patient care, we strive everyday to be the best
healthcare employer in the industry. Our human resources programs include innovative training and
development, mentoring and corporate diversity initiatives, employee development and advancement
within our own growing organization, career path development, enhanced benefits and incentive programs.

We provide equal employment opportunity for everyone, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion,
gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, pregnancy, disability or veteran status. We recruit, hire,
train and promote individuals based on their ability, performance, experience, achievement, and conduct.

Compensation and benefits include:
• Competitive salaries
• Major medical, dental and vision plan
• Life insurance
• Long-term and short-term disability insurance
• Long-term care insurance
• Critical Illness and Whole Life
• 401K

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